sirim qas approval

Our services involving SIRIM QAS International in Malaysia encompass a range of expert assistance, from product testing to certification, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards for market entry.

Consignment Test

The service includes product inspection, comprehensive testing procedures, and final SIRIM label approval, affirming compliance with stringent safety and quality standards before label issue to importers.

Product Certification Scheme

A comprehensive process encompassing factory audits, sample evaluations, and meticulous document compliance assessments, leading to SIRIM certification, symbolizing product quality and regulatory adherence.

Full Type Test

We help importers to conduct full type testing service for with SIRIM for the products that include the compliance to various IEC and MS Standards, ensuring product safety and quality

Assessment Letter

A thorough process involving the assessment of foreign test reports by world-accredited laboratories, ensuring compliance with SIRIM’s rigorous standards and requirements.

All SIRIM Related Testing

Lower Voltage Testing

Mandatory in Malaysia, this essential testing is required to assess with ST standards referring to the lower voltage requirements, ensuring product safety and quality.

MEPS Energy Testing

An evaluation of product energy efficiency to determine compliance with Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), followed by the issuance of detailed reports.

Gas Equipment Testing

Complying with the BS EN 30 standard, this testing is essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of gas equipment, facilitating regulatory approval to ST standards.

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