Our Professional Services

Electrical Certifications and Compliances

Suruhanjaya Tenaga Approval

We handle complete Suruhanjaya Tenaga Approval Services and on-system applications such as Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Approvals, Release Letter approvals, and more.

SIRIM Consignment Testing

We help importers facilitate SIRIM Consignment Testing. Our mobile consignment services offer fast and reliable on-site inspection, testing, and SIRIM label release for seamless compliance.

Product Certification Scheme

Ensure compliance with SIRIM standards, certify your products and manufacturer’s factory through assessment audit, and meet regulatory requirements with our expert guidance.

Pre-Shipment Inspection​

Our professionally trained inspectors perform rigorous checks guarantee product quality and regulatory adherence before your goods are shipped, ensuring full compliance.

CB Report & Certificate​

Collaborating with our worldwide accredited test laboratory partners, we provide precise testing and compliant reporting to meet locally accepted IEC or MS standards.

Customized Consultancy

We offer professional consultation to address KIV or failed testing issues, rectifying problems to secure complete approvals for your products or whitelist of ID Letters.

Telecommunication Equipment and Hybrid Products Certification

Special and Type Approvals

Application of compliance approval (type approval) to a specific model of communications or hybrid equipment which has been certified as complying with the specified standards, technical specifications, technical checklist and technical declaration.

Certification of Equipment

To help importers comply the communications equipment which are required to be certified by the Commission in accordance with the Communications and Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulation 2000.

Spectrum Management

We advise and ensure the importers the use of spectrum is in accordance with the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (“CMA”) and the Spectrum Regulations 2000. To understand the coverage and devices involved in the applications.

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